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wx::DBI Namespace Reference

wx::DBI contains a standard interface to various database engines. More...


class  Record
 The virtual base class of the two Record containers: HashRecord and ArrayRecord. More...

class  ArrayRecord
 Record container with int keys. More...

class  HashRecord
class  RecordArray
class  ArrayRecordArray
class  HashRecordArray
class  Database
 Generic interface to databases. More...

class  Database::ConnectionInfo
 A container for database connection parameters. More...

class  Statement
class  StatementCache

Detailed Description

wx::DBI contains a standard interface to various database engines.

The wx::DBI namespace holds a number of classes which present a standard interface for database access for various relational database engines.

This class was written as an alternative to wxDB. The aspects to wxDB which I do not like are:

  1. Table- (not query-) oriented access. There is no reason why queries should be presumed to access only a single table.
  2. The whole query builder interface. You are supposed to supply the various parts of a query separately. Doing so makes no sense. The problem with querying is NOT building queries, it's passing params and getting results.
  3. The lack of a method for returning records. You have to step and get values of bound variables.

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