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DirectoryTree Class Reference

#include <DirectoryTree.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DirectoryTree (wxWindow *wndParent, const wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxPoint &pntPosition=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &siz=wxDefaultSize, long nStyle=wxNO_BORDER|wxTR_HAS_BUTTONS)
void OnLeftMouseDown (wxMouseEvent &evt)
void OnItemExpanded (wxTreeEvent &evt)
void OnSetPath (shSetPathEvent &evt)
void OnToWastebin (shToWastebinEvent &evt)
void OnDelete (shDeleteEvent &evt)
void OnCreate (shCreateEvent &evt)
wxString GetPath ()
void SetShowHidden (bool bNewShowHidden, bool bUpdate)

Private Member Functions

void InitTree ()
wxTreeItemId PopulatePath (const wxString &sPath)
void AddChildren (const wxTreeItemId &tid)
wxTreeItemId AddChild (const wxTreeItemId &tidParent, const wxString &sPath)
void RemoveItem (const wxString &sPath)
void SetPath (const wxString &sNewPath)
void DoSelection (wxTreeItemId &tid)
wxTreeItemId GetItemFromPath (const wxString &sPath, bool bReturnBestFit=false)
wxTreeItemId GetChildByName (wxTreeItemId &tidParent, const wxString &sName)
bool GetItemPath (wxTreeItemId tid, wxString &sPath)
bool IsAncestorOf (wxTreeItemId tidPutativeAncestor, wxTreeItemId tid)
wxTreeItemId GetRootItem (const wxString &sPath)

Private Attributes

wxImageList m_imlButtons
wxImageList m_iml
bool m_bShowHidden
wxWindow * m_wndParent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DirectoryTree::DirectoryTree wxWindow *  wndParent,
const wxWindowID  id = wxID_ANY,
const wxPoint &  pntPosition = wxDefaultPosition,
const wxSize &  siz = wxDefaultSize,
long  nStyle = wxNO_BORDER|wxTR_HAS_BUTTONS

Member Function Documentation

wxTreeItemId DirectoryTree::AddChild const wxTreeItemId &  tidParent,
const wxString &  sPath

void DirectoryTree::AddChildren const wxTreeItemId &  tid  )  [private]

void DirectoryTree::DoSelection wxTreeItemId &  tid  )  [private]

wxTreeItemId DirectoryTree::GetChildByName wxTreeItemId &  tidParent,
const wxString &  sName

wxTreeItemId DirectoryTree::GetItemFromPath const wxString &  sPath,
bool  bReturnBestFit = false

bool DirectoryTree::GetItemPath wxTreeItemId  tid,
wxString &  sPath

wxString DirectoryTree::GetPath  ) 

wxTreeItemId DirectoryTree::GetRootItem const wxString &  sPath  )  [private]

void DirectoryTree::InitTree  )  [private]

bool DirectoryTree::IsAncestorOf wxTreeItemId  tidPutativeAncestor,
wxTreeItemId  tid

void DirectoryTree::OnCreate shCreateEvent evt  ) 

void DirectoryTree::OnDelete shDeleteEvent evt  ) 

void DirectoryTree::OnItemExpanded wxTreeEvent &  evt  ) 

void DirectoryTree::OnLeftMouseDown wxMouseEvent &  evt  ) 

void DirectoryTree::OnSetPath shSetPathEvent evt  ) 

void DirectoryTree::OnToWastebin shToWastebinEvent evt  ) 

wxTreeItemId DirectoryTree::PopulatePath const wxString &  sPath  )  [private]

void DirectoryTree::RemoveItem const wxString &  sPath  )  [private]

void DirectoryTree::SetPath const wxString &  sNewPath  )  [private]

void DirectoryTree::SetShowHidden bool  bNewShowHidden,
bool  bUpdate

Member Data Documentation

bool DirectoryTree::m_bShowHidden [private]

Definition at line 94 of file DirectoryTree.h.

wxImageList DirectoryTree::m_iml [private]

Definition at line 93 of file DirectoryTree.h.

wxImageList DirectoryTree::m_imlButtons [private]

Definition at line 92 of file DirectoryTree.h.

wxWindow* DirectoryTree::m_wndParent [private]

Definition at line 98 of file DirectoryTree.h.

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