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DirectoryView Class Reference

#include <DirectoryView.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DirectoryView (wxWindow *wndParent)
 ~DirectoryView ()
wxString GetPath ()
void SetSortKey (DirectoryEntrySortKey des)
void SetTextSortFlags (int nTextSortFlags)
void SetShowHidden (bool bShowHidden)

Protected Member Functions

wxString OnGetItemText (long item, long column) const
int OnGetItemImage (long item) const
wxListItemAttr * OnGetItemAttr (long item) const
void OnIdle (wxIdleEvent &evt)
void OnListKeyDown (wxListEvent &evt)
void OnMouseMove (wxMouseEvent &evt)
void OnLeftUp (wxMouseEvent &evt)
void OnRightDown (wxMouseEvent &evt)
void OnRightUp (wxMouseEvent &evt)
void OnListItemRightClick (wxListEvent &evt)
void OnItemActivated (wxListEvent &evt)
void OnEndLabelEdit (wxListEvent &evt)
void OnBeginDrag (wxListEvent &evt)
void popToWastebin_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void popNewDirectory_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void popNewFile_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void OnSetPath (shSetPathEvent &evt)
void OnRename (shRenameEvent &evt)
void OnToWastebin (shToWastebinEvent &evt)
void OnRestore (shRestoreEvent &evt)
void OnDelete (shDeleteEvent &evt)
void OnCreate (shCreateEvent &evt)

Private Types

typedef std::vector< int > ItemArray

Private Member Functions

void CreateMenus ()
void AddColumns ()
void LoadSettings ()
void SaveSettings ()
void SetWantIdleEvents (bool bWantIdleEvents)
 Tell wxWidgets event system if we want OnIdle() events.

void SetPath (const wxString &sNewPath)
void Refresh (bool bKeepSelection)
void ClearList ()
int ItemIndexFromPoint (const wxPoint &pnt)
ItemArray GetSelectedItems ()
void ClearSelection ()
void SetSelected (int nItemIndex)
void SelectItem (int nItemIndex)
bool IsItemSelected (int nItemIndex)
void ActivateItem (int nItemIndex)
void DeleteSelected (bool bDeleteFully)
void RequestItemDeletion (int nItemIndex, bool bDeleteFully)

Private Attributes

int m_nNextUpdateIndex
bool m_bWantIdleEvents
wxMenu m_popItem
wxMenu m_popFreeSpace
wxString m_sPath
DirectoryEntrySortKey m_des
bool m_bDirectoriesFirst
bool m_bDragging
wxWindow * m_wndParent

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<int> DirectoryView::ItemArray [private]

Definition at line 31 of file DirectoryView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DirectoryView::DirectoryView wxWindow *  wndParent  ) 

DirectoryView::~DirectoryView  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void DirectoryView::ActivateItem int  nItemIndex  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::AddColumns  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::ClearList  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::ClearSelection  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::CreateMenus  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::DeleteSelected bool  bDeleteFully  )  [private]

wxString DirectoryView::GetPath  ) 

ItemArray DirectoryView::GetSelectedItems  )  [private]

bool DirectoryView::IsItemSelected int  nItemIndex  )  [private]

int DirectoryView::ItemIndexFromPoint const wxPoint &  pnt  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::LoadSettings  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::OnBeginDrag wxListEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnCreate shCreateEvent evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnDelete shDeleteEvent evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnEndLabelEdit wxListEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

wxListItemAttr* DirectoryView::OnGetItemAttr long  item  )  const [protected]

int DirectoryView::OnGetItemImage long  item  )  const [protected]

wxString DirectoryView::OnGetItemText long  item,
long  column
const [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnIdle wxIdleEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnItemActivated wxListEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnLeftUp wxMouseEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnListItemRightClick wxListEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnListKeyDown wxListEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnMouseMove wxMouseEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnRename shRenameEvent evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnRestore shRestoreEvent evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnRightDown wxMouseEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnRightUp wxMouseEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnSetPath shSetPathEvent evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::OnToWastebin shToWastebinEvent evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::popNewDirectory_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::popNewFile_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::popToWastebin_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void DirectoryView::Refresh bool  bKeepSelection  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::RequestItemDeletion int  nItemIndex,
bool  bDeleteFully

void DirectoryView::SaveSettings  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::SelectItem int  nItemIndex  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::SetPath const wxString &  sNewPath  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::SetSelected int  nItemIndex  )  [private]

void DirectoryView::SetShowHidden bool  bShowHidden  ) 

void DirectoryView::SetSortKey DirectoryEntrySortKey  des  ) 

void DirectoryView::SetTextSortFlags int  nTextSortFlags  ) 

void DirectoryView::SetWantIdleEvents bool  bWantIdleEvents  )  [private]

Tell wxWidgets event system if we want OnIdle() events.

Member Data Documentation

bool DirectoryView::m_bDirectoriesFirst [private]

Definition at line 135 of file DirectoryView.h.

bool DirectoryView::m_bDragging [private]

Definition at line 138 of file DirectoryView.h.

bool DirectoryView::m_bWantIdleEvents [private]

Definition at line 123 of file DirectoryView.h.

DirectoryEntrySortKey DirectoryView::m_des [private]

Definition at line 132 of file DirectoryView.h.

int DirectoryView::m_nNextUpdateIndex [private]

Definition at line 122 of file DirectoryView.h.

wxMenu DirectoryView::m_popFreeSpace [private]

Definition at line 128 of file DirectoryView.h.

wxMenu DirectoryView::m_popItem [private]

Definition at line 127 of file DirectoryView.h.

wxString DirectoryView::m_sPath [private]

Definition at line 131 of file DirectoryView.h.

wxWindow* DirectoryView::m_wndParent [private]

Definition at line 142 of file DirectoryView.h.

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