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fileutils.h File Reference

#include "wx/wx.h"
#include <wx/arrstr.h>
#include <wx/dir.h>
#include <wx/filename.h>

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bool CreatePath (const wxFileName &filPath, int perm=0777)
bool DeletePath (const wxFileName &filPath)
bool DeleteFiles (const wxFileName &filPath)
wxArrayString GetDirectories (const wxFileName &filPath)
wxArrayString GetFiles (const wxFileName &filPath)
bool PathNameExists (const wxString &sPathName)

wxString GetUniquePathName (const wxString &sDefaultPathName)

Function Documentation

bool CreatePath const wxFileName &  filPath,
int  perm = 0777

bool DeleteFiles const wxFileName &  filPath  ) 

bool DeletePath const wxFileName &  filPath  ) 

wxArrayString GetDirectories const wxFileName &  filPath  ) 

wxArrayString GetFiles const wxFileName &  filPath  ) 

wxString GetUniquePathName const wxString &  sDefaultPathName  ) 

bool PathNameExists const wxString &  sPathName  ) 


Indicates if a file or directory with the supplied path and name exists. The wxWidgets functions are specific for files and directories, not both.

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