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types.h File Reference

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#define TYPENAME_BOOLEAN   wxT("bool")
#define TYPENAME_CHAR   wxT("char")
#define TYPENAME_LONG   wxT("long")
#define TYPENAME_DOUBLE   wxT("double")
#define TYPENAME_STRING   wxT("string")
#define TYPENAME_WXOBJECT   wxT("wxObject")
#define TYPENAME_VOIDPOINTER   wxT("void*")

Define Documentation

#define TYPENAME_BOOLEAN   wxT("bool")

Definition at line 14 of file types.h.

#define TYPENAME_CHAR   wxT("char")

Definition at line 15 of file types.h.

#define TYPENAME_DOUBLE   wxT("double")

Definition at line 17 of file types.h.

#define TYPENAME_LONG   wxT("long")

Definition at line 16 of file types.h.

#define TYPENAME_STRING   wxT("string")

Definition at line 18 of file types.h.

#define TYPENAME_VOIDPOINTER   wxT("void*")

Definition at line 20 of file types.h.

#define TYPENAME_WXOBJECT   wxT("wxObject")

Definition at line 19 of file types.h.

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