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SherpaFrame Class Reference

#include <SherpaFrame.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SherpaFrame (const wxString &sTitle)
 ~SherpaFrame ()

Protected Member Functions

void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &evt)
void OnExit (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void mnuFileEmptyWastebin_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void mnuEditUndo_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void mnuEditRedo_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void mnuEditPreferences_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void mnuViewShowHidden_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void mnuDebugWastebin_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void mnuDebugUndo_Click (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void txtPath_Change (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void txtPath_Enter (wxCommandEvent &evt)
void OnSetPath (shSetPathEvent &evt)
void OnDelete (shDeleteEvent &evt)
void OnToWastebin (shToWastebinEvent &evt)
void OnCreate (shCreateEvent &evt)
void OnRename (shRenameEvent &evt)

Private Member Functions

void CreateMenus ()
void CreateWidgets ()
void SetShowHidden (bool bShowHidden, bool bUpdate)
void SetCaption (const wxString &sPath)
void SetPath (const wxString &sPath)
int SendToWastebin (const wxString &sPathName)
void Undo ()
void Redo ()
void SetUndoEnabled ()
void LoadSettings ()
void SaveSettings ()

Private Attributes

wxString m_sTitle
wxTextCtrl * m_txtPath
wxSplitterWindow * m_spl
Undo::UndoStack m_undo
bool m_bShowHidden
bool m_bUpdating

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SherpaFrame::SherpaFrame const wxString &  sTitle  ) 

SherpaFrame::~SherpaFrame  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void SherpaFrame::CreateMenus  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::CreateWidgets  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::LoadSettings  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::mnuDebugUndo_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::mnuDebugWastebin_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::mnuEditPreferences_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::mnuEditRedo_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::mnuEditUndo_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::mnuFileEmptyWastebin_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::mnuViewShowHidden_Click wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::OnCreate shCreateEvent evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::OnDelete shDeleteEvent evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::OnExit wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::OnKeyDown wxKeyEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::OnRename shRenameEvent evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::OnSetPath shSetPathEvent evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::OnToWastebin shToWastebinEvent evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::Redo  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::SaveSettings  )  [private]

int SherpaFrame::SendToWastebin const wxString &  sPathName  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::SetCaption const wxString &  sPath  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::SetPath const wxString &  sPath  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::SetShowHidden bool  bShowHidden,
bool  bUpdate

void SherpaFrame::SetUndoEnabled  )  [private]

void SherpaFrame::txtPath_Change wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::txtPath_Enter wxCommandEvent &  evt  )  [protected]

void SherpaFrame::Undo  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

Waste::Bin* SherpaFrame::m_bin [private]

Definition at line 91 of file SherpaFrame.h.

bool SherpaFrame::m_bShowHidden [private]

Definition at line 94 of file SherpaFrame.h.

bool SherpaFrame::m_bUpdating [private]

Definition at line 95 of file SherpaFrame.h.

DirectoryView* SherpaFrame::m_drv [private]

Definition at line 90 of file SherpaFrame.h.

wxSplitterWindow* SherpaFrame::m_spl [private]

Definition at line 88 of file SherpaFrame.h.

wxString SherpaFrame::m_sTitle [private]

Definition at line 86 of file SherpaFrame.h.

DirectoryTree* SherpaFrame::m_tre [private]

Definition at line 89 of file SherpaFrame.h.

wxTextCtrl* SherpaFrame::m_txtPath [private]

Definition at line 87 of file SherpaFrame.h.

Undo::UndoStack SherpaFrame::m_undo [private]

Definition at line 92 of file SherpaFrame.h.

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